Bouncing back to blogging

Hello everyone,

its been a while that I have written anything, well I have been writing and doodling all along but not doing anything to get the load off myself, the entire idea for starting this blog in the first place.

I have been reading and reading like crazy, I have been planning and working towards my goals. Some were met and fulfilled like they were just waiting for me to get started, others are just taking there time.

I think soon they would succumb to my strides. I know seems like all talk and no work.

But, I have been working on my writing style too.

I think you might see some improvement over my previous posts in terms of writing style.

I think I have become better in terms of organizing the ideas and I think I am using punctuation better now.

well still a long way to go.

I had been brainstorming a lot lately, I need to set up a business soon.

But, India is a country where paperwork takes tremendous amount of time, every now and then there are a slight update and change that would keep you hanging for months in a go.

I faced a lot of this bureaucracy when I tried to get my business registered.

Just want things to start up soon.

By the way I have a new buddy in my life that i would love to introduce to all of you.

My beloved Kaizen.


He is adorable, and keeps everyone in the house on their toes.

very affectionate and well behaved.

I think that comes from his parents.

I just love to make him my pillow every now and then.

well, so far so good.

I recently finished some of my financial commitments, and now I am taking on more of them.

I just want get them over soon.

I was recently diagnosed with dengue and was hospitalized for days, so was my mother please don’t catch that.

be safe and take precautions.

And I really appreciate the care and comfort of my family and friends.

And, I plan to write more often, feels great to be here, Hope you all have been doing great too.