Die you son of a bitch

Hello everyone,

Hope all of you are doing well. I am doing good too.

Been working on my earnings, meanwhile I am stuck at a company which is kind of a gone case and is sucking hope out of me.

There have been no appraisals for the past two years in the company I am working right now.

Nor do I hear any news of appraisals happening this year.

Despite this they are not happy. The company is making growth of employees very very stringent.

Could you believe 3 years in same job profile to get an movement to a different profile or to be eligible for a promotion.

Meanwhile the industry standard is 1 year or 1 and a half year.

And the management insists on making the shifts 10 hour long in a 24×7 environment. And they are not willing to provide transport for the employees.

Its maddening, like a monkey is handed over the decision making position.

So, basically there is no hope for an enhanced earning from the company and the debt. is piling up.

I have unpaid emi’s that are attracting interest on themselves.

I wish that I get something better soon.

I hardly see anyone who is happy there anymore.

son of a bitch

Darts with his photograph on is turning out to be my favorite sport now a days

Well this guy is responsible for all the chaos and I find the dart game really soothing.

I just wish the photograph would some day turn into the guy himself and I would be able to kill him with darts.

Despite all this I will have to work in the same place where I do not even wish to go.

Just because I am not financially independent yet.

Well I would like to urge anyone who ever stumbles across this blog post to do something about there finances as soon as possible to get independence from the assholes like the person in the pic who could make your life tough just for fun.