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Hello everyone,

Hope this post finds you in good health and best of spirits.

Its been a while again that I posted something here.

Been doing things that I didn’t did before.

I now have registered my business and have been promoting it.

Please do check out our Facebook page.

Its in its infant stage as of now.


If you really like something, do order.

Maybe there would be glitches in the final stages of order processing by the store.

Please feel free to share the details on the Facebook page, we would process your order in the best possible way and take immediate correction measures.

Anyhow it’s been a tremendous team effort. I started alone but then my friends came along and now I see more people coming in and investing their energies.

It is overwhelming and I am doing my best to cope up with this support.

I really wish to do my best for everyone involved. but yes there are some financial concerns involved.

So, all I can offer them presently is to believe in this initiative and that it will certainly pay them off. Maybe not now, but eventually.

So, please help me promote it as much as possible.

Its been great support and love that I found here.

Wish you all the very best.

Good day!

ebay India sucks


Its been some time I have really missed being here…

writing things….

things that happened to me….


I recently started selling on ebay…

I was doing good….

I think I was….

but then…

the reality came to dawn…

frauds happen in eCommerce…

and I was the victim….

I sold many products…

some were stuck in transit…

as a result of which….

ebay refunded the money to buyers…….

now they have the products for free….

and I am the one who paid for it….

paid for people I don’t know…..

I would have preferred charity to that…….

because these people are not needy….

but greedy……

I suffered loss….

I called ebay….. I can’t even remember how many times….

I initiated chats….

I emailed them….

well ebay India do not responds to emails….

that’s for sure…

let me show you some chat transcripts…

let me show you how they treat me….

easy_shope 07:35:02

Nazmeen A. 07:35:50
Hello,welcome to eBay Live Chat support. My name is Nazmeen.How may I assist you today?

Nazmeen A. 07:35:57

easy_shope 07:36:13
this is regarding claim no. 774906

Nazmeen A. 07:36:37
Good afternoon

easy_shope 07:36:37
I was promised an email yesterday

easy_shope 07:36:43
good afternoon

Nazmeen A. 07:37:00

Nazmeen A. 07:37:02
Surely I will assist you with your concern.

now what would you all like to say about that….

and I pay them money…

for every product sold and transaction….

I registered complaints on many websites….

but it turned out that there was no response that I deemed fit….

I am at total loss…

I started selling online for making a profit…

but I lost more money then I made….

I would never recommend any friend of mine to sell online….

on any third party website…

ebay being a brand name could have done better….

every time I call them I get fake promises….

I need advise here…

what should I do next….

what could I do so that they would listen….

so that they are compelled to respond….

it turns out that they have hidden contact information in a very cleaver way…

no one can email them….

there are no email addresses available for management…

the link to escalate issues…. does not works….

it will reject your service request number as incorrect….

how? why?

if it is not working… why is it there even….

just to fool people….

I am just to angry with them….

But, I just want my hard earned money or my products back…

I have paid their fee….

I just expected a fair and secure place to trade the products…

which they boast of….

please let me know… what should be done here….

how should I proceed further with this….

ebay sucks 2 3