Test… test… test…

Hello everyone,

Hope doing great… I am going through loads of tests…

personal… spiritual… social…financial… technical…

I am going through them at such a pace that I no longer think about them.

I do not get the time to decide why should I even bother for them.

Maybe this is the circle of life.

Even if I take out time to think about them, I will lose on the other.

But, I somehow know that I will have to attempt and complete all of them.

I know that I am not perfect, and to emerge victorious through all of them is not possible.

And it is not what has been decided for me.

I just have to keep on doing my thing and leave the outcome on the universe.

I fail, I learn, I succeed.

Ultimately even my failures will be my true success.

I am somehow not afraid of failing anymore.

Maybe because I have been a tremendous failure for such a long time.

But, yes. Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost, Picture abhi baaki hai.

Kyunki har kahani me end tak sab kuch thik hi ho jata hai….

Aur agar sab kuch thik nahi hai to….

Wo end nahi hai mere dost….

Picture abhi baaki hai!

This dialogue is passion, it gives me the drive.

People tell me that I talk less, and when I come here to write.

I am amazed at myself to see how much I have to share.

Well for now, its SOFS.

Life is giving me lemons. And you know what I do with those.



Woah.. bring it on life

Hello everyone,

Missed you all, Robyn was able to locate me on facebook, cheers to that.

Still waiting for her response to my friend request though.

Well, the last roller coaster ride is still going and I am getting used to it.

At first it was tough and hard to hold on to the roller coaster, but now it is like a second nature.

It seems like life has thrown a lot of lemons at me and I made a lemonade stand out of them.

Now they don’t bother me much, but yes there is a small lag in between.

The lag where I feel like I am in the tesseract, stuck and numb.

Then I leave myself in tesseract and see myself from a different plane.

That plane where they take me for some time.

I feel them standing behind me guiding me.

The kind of warm feeling you get when you are sharing with someone old and wrinkled.

except you do not see them in my case.

Just a mild whisper, that says go all in, take a little more and you would be able to see new doors.

And so I do, take a little more and some more and more and I realize that I can take a lot more.

Then I stumble upon something written way back,

जन्म मृत्युर्न ते चित्तं बन्धमोक्षौ शुभाशुभौ ।
कथं रोदिषि रे वत्स नामरूपं न ते न मे ।। १७।।

I think if you like to understand this, please take some pain to google its meaning.

But, yes I am all in now and I am ready for new roles.

I have evolved, I see cracks in my cocoon.

Just a matter of time.

but at the end if you feel that everything was worth it.

that’s what success is.

That feeling when it dawns upon you that it was all a part of a elaborate screen play.

reminds me of another word “Makhtub”.

Some of you will get the connection, some will realize it later.

but yes, I am living it.



Roller-coaster ride

Hello everyone,

Hope you all have been doing great.

Life, this four letter word seem to contain eternity.

It is something scholars and saints experienced and gave some ideas but no one could define it perfectly.

I don’t know the definition of life yet.

but I do seek it.

recently I published my last post round and zig zag.

I was restless due to some finances picking up on me.

And here I am today, with another shot of life at me.

I got the news from my new manager that I have been promoted.

Well that surely will take care of some of the expenses.

Seems like Life mocking me.

pointing a finger at me and laughing.

I was cribbing yesterday and here I am today.

Life… is a bitch for sure 😉

round and zig zag

Hello everyone,

Hope you all are doing well.

I am doing good too, recently there had been a lot of changes in my life.

From a hardcore 24X7 profile in which I mostly had to work in the night.

To a regular morning 9 to 6 shift.

Things have been instantaneous and frankly I am still a step or two behind in coping up with everything.

I got the job profile I was craving to get for a while.

but in the process lost the allowances from my salary.

this trade off is getting a bit hectic as of now as there are a lot of commitments to fulfill.

Had to save capital to invest in my business, but as of now there are a lot of pressing expenditures that need to be taken care of.

Everything is happening for the best.

Being the elder son it is my responsibility to take care of my family.

But in the process I am missing out on my life and my dreams.

This is a crucial and tricky time.

I will keep my calm and not throw a lot at this.

Things will get better eventually.

I feel that.

Nerds and Geeks

Hello everyone,

Hope this post finds you in good health and best of spirits.

Its been a while again that I posted something here.

Been doing things that I didn’t did before.

I now have registered my business and have been promoting it.

Please do check out our Facebook page.

Its in its infant stage as of now.



If you really like something, do order.

Maybe there would be glitches in the final stages of order processing by the store.

Please feel free to share the details on the Facebook page, we would process your order in the best possible way and take immediate correction measures.

Anyhow it’s been a tremendous team effort. I started alone but then my friends came along and now I see more people coming in and investing their energies.

It is overwhelming and I am doing my best to cope up with this support.

I really wish to do my best for everyone involved. but yes there are some financial concerns involved.

So, all I can offer them presently is to believe in this initiative and that it will certainly pay them off. Maybe not now, but eventually.

So, please help me promote it as much as possible.

Its been great support and love that I found here.

Wish you all the very best.

Good day!

Die you son of a bitch

Hello everyone,

Hope all of you are doing well. I am doing good too.

Been working on my earnings, meanwhile I am stuck at a company which is kind of a gone case and is sucking hope out of me.

There have been no appraisals for the past two years in the company I am working right now.

Nor do I hear any news of appraisals happening this year.

Despite this they are not happy. The company is making growth of employees very very stringent.

Could you believe 3 years in same job profile to get an movement to a different profile or to be eligible for a promotion.

Meanwhile the industry standard is 1 year or 1 and a half year.

And the management insists on making the shifts 10 hour long in a 24×7 environment. And they are not willing to provide transport for the employees.

Its maddening, like a monkey is handed over the decision making position.

So, basically there is no hope for an enhanced earning from the company and the debt. is piling up.

I have unpaid emi’s that are attracting interest on themselves.

I wish that I get something better soon.

I hardly see anyone who is happy there anymore.

son of a bitch

Darts with his photograph on is turning out to be my favorite sport now a days

Well this guy is responsible for all the chaos and I find the dart game really soothing.

I just wish the photograph would some day turn into the guy himself and I would be able to kill him with darts.

Despite all this I will have to work in the same place where I do not even wish to go.

Just because I am not financially independent yet.

Well I would like to urge anyone who ever stumbles across this blog post to do something about there finances as soon as possible to get independence from the assholes like the person in the pic who could make your life tough just for fun.

Bouncing back to blogging

Hello everyone,

its been a while that I have written anything, well I have been writing and doodling all along but not doing anything to get the load off myself, the entire idea for starting this blog in the first place.

I have been reading and reading like crazy, I have been planning and working towards my goals. Some were met and fulfilled like they were just waiting for me to get started, others are just taking there time.

I think soon they would succumb to my strides. I know seems like all talk and no work.

But, I have been working on my writing style too.

I think you might see some improvement over my previous posts in terms of writing style.

I think I have become better in terms of organizing the ideas and I think I am using punctuation better now.

well still a long way to go.

I had been brainstorming a lot lately, I need to set up a business soon.

But, India is a country where paperwork takes tremendous amount of time, every now and then there are a slight update and change that would keep you hanging for months in a go.

I faced a lot of this bureaucracy when I tried to get my business registered.

Just want things to start up soon.

By the way I have a new buddy in my life that i would love to introduce to all of you.

My beloved Kaizen.


He is adorable, and keeps everyone in the house on their toes.

very affectionate and well behaved.

I think that comes from his parents.

I just love to make him my pillow every now and then.

well, so far so good.

I recently finished some of my financial commitments, and now I am taking on more of them.

I just want get them over soon.

I was recently diagnosed with dengue and was hospitalized for days, so was my mother please don’t catch that.

be safe and take precautions.

And I really appreciate the care and comfort of my family and friends.

And, I plan to write more often, feels great to be here, Hope you all have been doing great too.