Could you please recommend the best in class biographies

Hello everyone,

Hope you all are doing great.

I miss this place a lot and wish I could just write every second of my life here.

However, I could not do that.

I was wondering recently the list of people whose biographies or brief bio’s or related books I have recently read.

the list boils down to these people:

1.) Michael Dell.

2.) Richard Branson

3.) Warren Buffet

4.) Benjamin Franklin

5.) Abul Kalam Azad

6.) Adolf Hitler

7.) Nelson Mandela

8.) Abraham Lincoln

Now, I want to be really choosy about what I read and I have some topics in mind like:


Overcoming obstacles

Problem Solving

Creative Thinking


Could you please recommend the best in class biographies or books for the same.




Dear god, Please mend your ways

I don’t know why is this happening with me.

over and over again. If there is a god I want to understand him.

I want to talk to him. Why is my life not like normal people out there.

Why do I have to struggle and grind for everything and yet nothing stays.

Since childhood I have witnessed household fights.

There were periods where there was no income as my father had no work.

Our relations were so sour that we had abandoned most of them.

My grandfather never really loved me.

I have few friends but no one really cares.

I am so averse to love because of my experiences.

I joined Capgemini thinking that it will bring some stability in my life.

But, no. I was harassed and humiliated because my manager wanted me to be removed from the project and organisation as he has people from his religion that needed promotion.

Why the fuck do you have to do this you son of a bitch.

Just let me know why.

How have I wronged you?

Why do you keep teasing me?

Why can’t you just let me be?

If you can’t see me happy for some time, Why don’t you kill me?

I don’t want this fucking play and lesson anymore.

I just wish that I sleep and never wake up.

I just want to abuse you.

You know that I do everything in my power.

But, you don’t let me get what I deserve.

Don’t I deserve to be happy?

Was it wrong to help ease suffering of people.

If not, then why did I have to lose my job.

I tried to do business, it failed.

do you want me to starve to death?

You fucking ass hole. I have loans.

I have to pay emis.

You don’t have to.

Fucking ass hole, so much is wrong with this world.

Where the fuck are you.

And why do you fuck people who want to do the right thing.

Do you support ass holes who do wrong?

Because it seems so.

If not then I suggest you to mend your ways.

I don’t know how I feel anymore

Recently life has become a little stable on the professional front.

I was doing my thing and moving ahead in life.

But, life has something else in store for me.

I just want to be left alone and be happy living my life.

Family made me meet this girl to arrange my marriage.

Her family tried to look decent.

But, when I met the girl. She was dressed like she was not willing to get married.

That was the first red flag, but I ignored it as I liked her pictures sent to us by her family.

And she was well educated so I thought to give her a benefit of a doubt there

never ignore the first red flag, is my learning here.

My mom didn’t liked her appearance at all, she didn’t liked her.

we had a decent conversation post that I asked her about her dreams.

and I told her my future plans, and some random talks.

I asked her if she could cook, she said a little.

That was workable for me, as we cannot eat from restaurants all life long.

I told her I had a girlfriend in school and I drink beer in team parties.

I was being as honest as possible and I wanted to give her a chance to refuse marriage if she liked.

I don’t like to say no to people, I know it is something that has been impacting me.

but yes that’s me. stupid silly me.

this meeting ended and after this I contacted her via linkdin.

she accepted my invite and we exchanged numbers.

she was happy to be talking to me and I felt that we connected in the first meet so lets give it a try.

initially everything was good and nice, she was nice and everything.

then she slowly and gradually turned very demanding.

she was like what dresses would you buy for me, what perfumes etc.

Which ring will you give me in engagement ceremony.

I was dumbfound, a educated girl who is earning her living had these aspirations from her husband.

I thought no one is perfect and she might have said all this in the flow of emotions.

then she was like which cars will you buy for me etc.

I only asked her one thing that would she be able to cook for us, to which she replied she would keep a cook.

I was accepting her in every way, despite all her shortcomings.

She liked to drink, horsing around in parties and hookahs.

I was finding myself to be a much better person then her.

well I was almost certain to block her there. But, later that night she called and said that she loved me.

This happened in just one week, I thought maybe she was judging me and I passed.

But, the next day she was all different.

She said she is afraid when I asked her if she would marry me.

All I know is love conquers fears.

Her words were empty, in that one moment everything dawned on me.

Then I had to block her, I called her mom too.

Well… I learned that we should not like someone for their face value.

I think we should take a deep dive to know what is exactly there.

We might get some burns and heartache for some time in doing this.

But, isn’t that better then a lifetime of suffering?




Something fishy.

Hello all, missed you immensely.

Life goes on, as the show must go on.

Recently I have been avoiding my manager. who is a beautiful woman.

I recently joined this new organisation, everything seemed okay at first.

But, then things started dawning on me, the office politics struck again and with a vengeance.

She was also a victim, she welcomed me and thanked me for joining.

In the initial discussion I told her about my growth plan.

She agreed to help.

Post which she used to call me to her desk to talk to me.

She told me about her views about me, she was running her fingers through her hairs.

Her views were that I have a strong personality etc.

Then all of a sudden she told me, she trusts me.

I was kind of shocked and didn’t knew what to say and how to say.

But, weeks later she told me that she has resigned.

It felt like someone had removed the floor beneath me and I am falling.

I kind of knew that she was playing with me, as you all know that I am an ass!

Those were some made up words to use me.

But, recently she on her own escalated my issues to senior management.

I didn’t said anything to her.

She even scheduled a discussion with her manager, this all left me confused.

What is up with her. She is on notice period.

Hardly knows me, and why would she try to help me.

on asking her this, he said its her job.

what will she gain, as there are no free lunches in this world.

Now, I am awestruck by this concerned act.

And I have been ignoring her as she has a silver tongue.

She downloaded some work on me too.

I have seen her staring at me once or twice while working.

My situation might improve, might not. In office.

I kind of like her. But, can’t call her my friend either.

She uses this team member and this girl uses her to know about stuff going around.

She, the little spy keeps on probing me for information too.

Overall, this smells fishy and I am looking for the best solution for this situation.

Could you all help?






Happy new year


I just want to thank you..

yes you…

the one reading this….

thank you for visiting…

thank you for making me improve….

thank you for being the support I needed…..

I learnt a lot in the last year…

hope it keeps up…

and the love and support I got was great… overwhelming….

hope that this year improves…..

last year overall.. was good….

some really good friends….

some harsh lessons….

some realities of life…..

facts of my life…. their solutions…

Test… test… test…

Hello everyone,

Hope doing great… I am going through loads of tests…

personal… spiritual… social…financial… technical…

I am going through them at such a pace that I no longer think about them.

I do not get the time to decide why should I even bother for them.

Maybe this is the circle of life.

Even if I take out time to think about them, I will lose on the other.

But, I somehow know that I will have to attempt and complete all of them.

I know that I am not perfect, and to emerge victorious through all of them is not possible.

And it is not what has been decided for me.

I just have to keep on doing my thing and leave the outcome on the universe.

I fail, I learn, I succeed.

Ultimately even my failures will be my true success.

I am somehow not afraid of failing anymore.

Maybe because I have been a tremendous failure for such a long time.

But, yes. Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost, Picture abhi baaki hai.

Kyunki har kahani me end tak sab kuch thik hi ho jata hai….

Aur agar sab kuch thik nahi hai to….

Wo end nahi hai mere dost….

Picture abhi baaki hai!

This dialogue is passion, it gives me the drive.

People tell me that I talk less, and when I come here to write.

I am amazed at myself to see how much I have to share.

Well for now, its SOFS.

Life is giving me lemons. And you know what I do with those.