Dear god, Please mend your ways

I don’t know why is this happening with me.

over and over again. If there is a god I want to understand him.

I want to talk to him. Why is my life not like normal people out there.

Why do I have to struggle and grind for everything and yet nothing stays.

Since childhood I have witnessed household fights.

There were periods where there was no income as my father had no work.

Our relations were so sour that we had abandoned most of them.

My grandfather never really loved me.

I have few friends but no one really cares.

I am so averse to love because of my experiences.

I joined Capgemini thinking that it will bring some stability in my life.

But, no. I was harassed and humiliated because my manager wanted me to be removed from the project and organisation as he has people from his religion that needed promotion.

Why the fuck do you have to do this you son of a bitch.

Just let me know why.

How have I wronged you?

Why do you keep teasing me?

Why can’t you just let me be?

If you can’t see me happy for some time, Why don’t you kill me?

I don’t want this fucking play and lesson anymore.

I just wish that I sleep and never wake up.

I just want to abuse you.

You know that I do everything in my power.

But, you don’t let me get what I deserve.

Don’t I deserve to be happy?

Was it wrong to help ease suffering of people.

If not, then why did I have to lose my job.

I tried to do business, it failed.

do you want me to starve to death?

You fucking ass hole. I have loans.

I have to pay emis.

You don’t have to.

Fucking ass hole, so much is wrong with this world.

Where the fuck are you.

And why do you fuck people who want to do the right thing.

Do you support ass holes who do wrong?

Because it seems so.

If not then I suggest you to mend your ways.

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