To you, from me.


This is me addressing you, and this from the person who will best know you throughout your life.

Well, first thing first. I have deep deep faith in you. I know you will move mountains by your sheer hard work and dedication.

I know you will do things thinking about the best interests of everyone every time.

I know that and I have faith. Things may not go as you will plan sometimes.

They will figure out something that somehow you will miss. And that is understandable.

You are a human not a super computer or some freak who could know and predict everything.

You will make every decision with the best of your abilities and knowledge you possess at that moment.

I know you would succeed, and you would fail.

But you will never surrender, never give up.

Sometimes you might have to step back, move back a little.

but, you would use that to sling shot yourself many steps ahead.

You are be a conquer, and you would be a king.

The kind of person who would be sought for and loved and respected by everyone.

You would amass wealth enough to sustain a stress free lifestyle for yourself and near and dear ones.

You would live your dreams.

And you would dream more to keep going.

And you would do all this, success and failure and success circle with a smile on your face and a serene peace in your heart.

Love you always.


Yours truly.

you know who!


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